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Low Cost Sprinklers Design and Installation 


First a pressure guage is attached to an unregulated outside faucet. Then make sure no water is running anywhere inside or outside your home. Turn on the faucet with the guage attached. The guage shows your water pressure in pounds per square inch (psi). This information allows us to design the correct size system for your property. We also need to inspect the meter service size. Usually it is either 5/8" , 3/4" , or 1" in smaller buildings. In larger commercial locations irrigation / lawn sprinkler system meters can be upwards of 2" or 3" meters.


If your property is on well water supply it is best to check with the original builder, well company or lawn sprinkler company who installed the well and well pump. Along with needing to know specifically what the recovery rate is for the well itself. Even the most basic of irrigation zones and best lawn sprinkler heads will need 7 - 9 gallons per minute to work and spray properly. Any lower than that and there are a number of possible concerns. Heads do not spray at the most efficiently pattern and do not give the best coverage available. Even with the smallest of lawn and garden sprinkler systems we need to make sure we do not use all available water only for the sprinkler system. If this were the case then we would not be able to flush a toilet or run a shower, or turn on the washer machine. 


If necessary we will use a measurable container, like a 5 gallon bucket, make sure no other water is running in or outside the house, turn the faucet on all the way and time how long it takes to fill the container.

We will then divide your lot into sections such as front lawn, side lawn, flower beds, slopes, etc., and label all areas to be watered. If there are special watering preference such as bubblers in planting beds or a drip irrigation zone we then note accordingly. If there are differences in the amount of sun different areas get we further divide those areas into smaller sections / zones. Depending on the volume of water available we design the system to water using the lowest possible number. Meaning if we only have 10 gallons a minute available then we should only design a system to use 60% - 70% of that water resulting in a lawn sprinkler system that will be using 6 - 7 gallons per minute. 



We offer lawn sprinkler system design, sprinkler installation, drip irrigation systems, rain and money saving retrofits to existing lawn irrigation systems. We service Andover, North Andover, Lawrence, Methuen, and adjacent towns in the Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire. You will not find a better company to work with than Low Cost Sprinklers. You really need and really should call us today (978) 687-2152