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Benefits of Lawn Irrigation , Sprinkler , Drip Irrigation Systems

1. Keep your lawn healthy and in shape. A lush green lawn requires multiple factors that all must work together—sun, soil, water, and nutrients. If you’re missing anyone of those 4 items your grass will die. Last year’s summer drought and heat decimated every lawn that did not have a lawn irrigation / sprinkler system.

2. More free time to do something fun instead of dragging costly hoses around from area to area every twenty minutes. I can think of many better things to do on a summer day with kids and family than sitting at home all day watering grass. Even a drip irrigation system for flowers will do wonders and save you time and money.

3. A lawn irrigation / sprinkler system will water your lawn and planting beds in the cool hours early in the morning. Not in the middle of the day when temperatures are at their hottest and evaporation will dissipate 50% of the lawn irrigation water you just paid for.

4. Do not let any one-man, dog-and-pony show irrigation / sprinkler company talk you into allowing them to work on your home without both proof of liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. These both should be sent directly to you from the insurance carrier with your name and address appearing on each form. These are two very different and distinct policies companies for hire must have. Before any work is started on your property you must have these in hand. The insurance carriers must send it directly to you via standard mail, email or fax. Accepting a photo copy or old version of a policy that may have lapsed weeks or months ago is bad business. Do not be taken for a fool because of is a cheap price that is too good to be true. It is the law that each and every company for hire must have liability and workers compensation no matter who they say they are, who they have working for them, or that they do this as a side job in their spare time to make extra money.

5. Installing a sprinkler system in some towns also means installing a deduct meter. That means you will save even more money each month by not being charged sewerage each month watering your lawn and shrubs.

6. Property values will increase with installing a sprinkler system. This is something a prospective buyer will look for and appreciate. Properties with an installed sprinkler and drip irrigation system show a pride of ownership and others will see and appreciate. Virtually every new home built in the last 15 years has a sprinkler and drip irrigation system installed so why doesn’t your home have one?

7. A lush green lawn is a welcome area for kids to play on. A burnt out dead lawn is not fun for anyone, especially kids. Exposed rocks, dirt, and erosion occur from a dead, burnt-out lawn.

8. Fast and efficient crews mean most systems are started and completed the very same day so your work and personal life is not on hold waiting around for us to arrive and get the work done.

9. Lowest irrigation / sprinkler / drip irrigation service rates of any company in the area. Even if you have an already existing system and it needs some modifications or upgrades we can do it better, faster, and at a lower cost than anyone else.

10. You neighbors will love you. In a neighborhood where every property has lush healthy lawns that are green and vibrant, don’t be the one person with a property whose lawn, shrubs, and trees are all drought stricken and dying. Nothing brings down property values faster than that one neighbor who doesn’t care about how his / her own property's appearance.



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