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Will automatic water sprinkler systems use additional water?
No, they conserve water. To prevent over or under-watering, the system’s controller and rain sensor are set to receive nothing more than the amount needed.


Do sprinkler systems save time?
Sprinkler systems water your lawn for you, saving lots of valuable time and energy! Your lawn irrigation sprinkler heads will only save you time and money!!!


We offer lawn sprinkler system design, sprinkler installation, drip irrigation systems, rain and money saving retrofits to existing lawn irrigation systems. We service Andover, North Andover, Lawrence, Methuen, and adjacent towns in the Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire. You will not find a better company to work with than Low Cost Sprinklers. You really need and really should call us today (978) 687-2152



Will automatic lawn irrigation / sprinkler systems water as well as hand watering?

Sprinkler systems are more efficient than hand watering because their advanced design releases the perfect amount of water to each area of your lawn.

Generally, we get 40+ inches of rainfall every year; are sprinkler systems necessary?
If the same amount of rainfall fell every three days, at the same time, sprinkler systems would not be necessary. However, the only way to ensure healthy lawn and plant growth is with a sprinkler system. During the dry season, rain is scarce, which could cause serious damage after only a few days; sprinkler systems eliminate those concerns as well.

Can I save money by installing my own lawn irrigation system?
Performing your own sprinkler system installations could cost more in the long run since it would not meet local and state codes.

Are lawn sprinklers / irrigation systems difficult to operate?
Your contractor will explain the controller operations, as well as the method in which the watering times have been set. If necessary, you may adjust watering times by following the instructions inside the controller cabinet. The system takes care of the rest!

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